Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Farmer's Market

WARNING: the following content will be a feast for your eyes.
Lake Oswego Farmer's Market

If we get lost, remember to "meat here" ;)

Apple fritter pull aparts

Dress: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Fendi; Wristlet: Express
The equivalent to Le Panier found in Seattle. ^_^
The St Honoré. Pretty much a cream puff with more cream puffs on top and a sugar glaze.
All that bread.
Portland Saturday Market
Lovejoy lost the coin toss to Pettygrove and behold, the city is called Portland. But this is a cute bakery ^_^

The longest line ever. For Salvador Molly's tamales.
We got Columbia Chicken and Artichokoe with Cotija cheese. YUM.
Hand picked rolls? :)
This is so cute.

With Love,