Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow falling.

Sadly, I've only had a few White Christmases or lasting snow at all in Oregon. You see, weather in Oregon is very bipolar. It goes from freezing rain to hail to snow to rain and repeats that cycle all day. With the rare gift of snow, school is usually cancelled with 1-2 inches of snow. All the students are at home doing snow dances for the snow to stick and for school to be cancelled the next morning. Unfortunately, the school district was prepared this year and we ended up having to endure walking in the slushy snow to the school entrance in the the morning. Supposedly, that was the last blast of snow for this year.
However, I got to take some photos of the snow while it lasted! And, there's always the Mountain for snow. :)

P.S. What is the snow dance anyways?

With Love,