Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fashion Intake.

I have my fashion dose daily, be it on tumblr, blogger, lookbook..etc
I am unable to post daily, or weekly for that matter because of my new hectic schedule. With tennis, scouting, school work, volunteering, and getting enough sleep among other activities; getting a few shots in front of the camera seems impossible nowadays.  
My excuses have been long overdue and I have finally brought myself out of my sluggish mood in order to snap away and type away. Here are some of my fashion picks of the week. Thinking of calling this order of business, "Fashion Intake." Heh? Enjoy.
Only a part of my ring collection on the cute gold dog.

My red flats from Urban Outfitters add a pop to any outfit.

Take Out sweater with sequined shoulders AND elbow pads, I'm in love.

Birds. Crystal necklace.

Stay tuned for next weeks's posts, some good stuff is in store! :)

With Love,