Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Intake.

Okay, I have been looking at loafers months on end now. I'm obsessed with the leather ones adorned in spikes and studs. I've been searching for the perfect pair and I've met my match. These Louboutin loafers are beautiful but I found royal blue loafers suitable for dress or jeans. AND they're velvet. I opted out of black just because I needed the pop of color and the velvet would take center stage. I've literally had people come up to me and ask to pet my shoes. AND they were only $10 from Urban Outfitters. You're in shock too right?
Marlon Gobel x Christian Louboutin Loafers. Gorgeous right?
My velvet loafers are my favorite shoes right now. <3
Growing up, I always thought velvet was meant for old people. Well, that's what all the grandmas wore back then anyways! Since then, I have grown to love it, hence the blue velvet loafers. I also got a blouse from Ann Taylor for under $10. Oh yes, that is why I love shopping.

Ear Cuffs
I've been searching and searching and searching for them but they're indeed over priced at this point. Check H&M, I heard they have them now. I am now on the hunt. If only I could eBay everything. *sigh* Problems of a teenager.

With Love,