Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some food from Europe.

My sister recently came home from her trip to Europe. I am definitely jealous of all the sights she got to see and happy to see her home again after a month and a half of traveling. She brought me back food though (and a pair of shoes that you will see later on)! 

Chocolate from Germany. (There were other chocolates but I ate them...)
Filled with milk:0 
This is one of my favorites! This is what everyone eats in Holland, it's called Hagel Slag (pronounced haw-gull slawg). Since we don't have this in America...make it through these simple steps:
  1.  Butter a slice of bread. Do not toast the bread. And use spreadable butter or your bread will rip while you are spreading. I speak from experience._.
  2. Dump a bunch of chocolate sprinkles on there! Okay well, enough to coat the surface, it needs to stick to the butter or else they will fall off.
  3.  Enjoy.

There's different shapes and sizes too!
 Another favorite of mine from Holland are stroopwafels. They're wafers filled with a syrup like caramel. They're scrumptious and buttery and they go well with tea. YUM. They're just big enough to put over your cup of tea and one side gets warm of gooey and the other side is crunchy...mmm just thinking about it makes me hungry. If only I didn't eat it all before I could take a picture, hmm next time then!

With Love,