Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Triangle Flip Tips

I have a secret obsession with triangles, and it's not solving for their areas! I think they're fun and simple, they can also make a huge statement. When doing nail designs, I prefer putting light colors on top of a darker base because when viewing the nails from a distance, it isn't as overwhelming as dark on light. We have all seen the inverse french or "moon" manicure, now to put my obsession for triangles into the mix! Scroll down for steps for this nail design.
1. Paint your nail with a medium to dark polish as the base.
2. For the thumb: use a white polish, place the brush onto the center of the nail and drag up towards the base and end at the side. Finish by drawing V's with a thin nail art polish, on top and bottom of the large V you just drew.
3. For the others: use the thin nail art polish, place the brush onto the center of the nail and drag the brush towards the base of the nail. End your stroke where the cuticles end on either side. Fill in this V shape with the white polish to create a triangle. Follow the lines of the triangle with the thin nail art polish on either side of the triangle until the strokes meet.
4. Clean the skin around your nail with polish remover if you need to.

With Love,