Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Closet Knob Updated

I've been trying to find ways to fix up my room without using a lot of money to do so. I went to Michael's to get some art supplies one day and I came across this cute crystal knob for $2. It was perfect because I've been wanting to replace my old gold knob from the...1980's. It was a sweet find, considering the ones from Anthropologie are three times the price I paid at $6. Replacing the old knob was fine until I realized the screw they gave me was too short. I ended up using the old screw but it was too long; meaning the knob would not be tight enough. Ah, but I found a solution! I put on a couple hex nuts left over from another project to the end to "shorten" the screw. And now, my closet looks updated to this century.

With Love,