Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marie Antoinette

We have all heard that famous line, "Let them eat cake."I remember watching the movie, Marie Antoinette a few years ago. Everything she did, she did extravagantly. Not only did Marie have a luxurious lifestyle, she had expensive taste as well. She had an endless supply of little petit fours (while her country starved) and drank champagne like it was water. A particular scene I remember was when she drank a glass of champagne and dropped small berries in her flute. I thought that was simple, fun, and worthy of trying.
Of course, I am only sixteen, so I used apple cider instead. Feel free to use alcohol if you are of age. :)
It's really easy; put your choice of berries or fruit in your flute and fill it up with cider/champagne.
The best part is eating the berries after you finish drinking, because they soaked up all the flavor while they're sitting in the drink. It's a party in your mouth! Plus, this is great for parties.

With Love,